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Anonymous said: Let me get this straight, Nicki Minaj can wiggle her butt six ways till Sunday and people can call her a black feminist messiah, but when there's a weak-ass Spider-Woman variant cover that make her look like she's posing like Nicki Minaj, it suddenly NOT okay and Marvel should be ashamed??? I'm honestly, seriously confused here :/



Nicki Minaj is also a real person who makes real decisions for herself and made a video and song that celebrated her own body and her own sexuality while outright critiquing the Male Gaze through visual metaphor

Jessica Drew is not a real person and was drawn by a man in a submissive position who visually objectifies her (spandex doesn’t work on asses like that come on) and every female superhero he’s drawn. And he can’t even draw a background right.



strategy game UI designer:
people like memorizing 30 hotkeys right

Hey, White Americans. We Need to Talk.



According to a Pew Research survey, only 37% of white Americans think the events in #Ferguson raise important issues about race.

Okay, fellow white people. We need to talk.

Let me tell you a story: I was an angry punk teenager. Not violent, but I did a shitton of trespassing, and I got into a lot of screaming matches with cops.

I have never been arrested.

I have never been violently attacked by police. Hell, I have never been seriously threatened by police.

I am fully aware that I’ve survived to adulthood largely on the benefits of my race.

When you are white in America, you get away with all sorts of shit. Have you read this account from a white dude who actively tried to get himself arrested? You should. It’s telling.

So, if that’s your main frame of reference for dealing with law enforcement, it is really easy to assume that when someone else gets targeted by the police, they must have done something really bad. After all, you know the police aren’t that petty, right? They’re there to help: That’s what TV tells you, what your teachers told you, what your parents told you. “If you’re in trouble, find a police officer. They’ll help.” And, y’know, if you’re white, most of the time, that’s probably true.

When you’re white in America, it is awfully easy to pretend that you don’t live in a country where the nonviolent physical presence of black people, especially black men, is considered sufficient threat to justify use of lethal force. It’s really easy to pretend that laws are enforced equally; that arrest rate has any demographic resemblance to actual crime rates; that the police are there to protect us from the bad guys.

And, I mean, I get that. It’s a lot more comfortable to pretend that safety correlates to virtue than to confront the ugly truth that a system that benefits you very directly does so at the cost of other people’s lives; that what you were taught was the just reward for being a good person is, in fact, the privilege of your skin. That’s a big part of why we work so hard to retcon narratives about how the black people our police murder must have been dangerous, highlight every casual infraction like it’s a killing spree. We are so desperate to believe that the system that feeds us is just.

It doesn’t feel good to acknowledge that stuff. It feels gross. A system we trusted—one we should be able to trust, that should work for the benefit and protection of everyone has made us accomplice to some deeply horrifying shit.

But here’s the thing:

This happenedThis is happening. Not recognizing it; stonewalling and insulating ourselves in our little bubbles does not make it go away.

And not acknowledging it, not having asked for it, does not make us any less complicit, or any less responsible for owning and fixing this. We are actively benefitting from a fucked, corrupt, murderous system. That is on us. As it should be.

So educate yourself, get the tools, and start dismantling this fucker. You have the time: after all,  no one’s shooting at your kids.

Privilege is the bandwidth to speak up and dismantle because you’re not in fear for your life. And there is no conscionable excuse for failing to use it.

My friend Rachel says smart things.


From Elon James White Tuesday night.






#Pray4Drake #NWTS






#Pray4Drake #NWTS


Peach Cookies

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hailstream said: The hell's with GRRM's recent words about there will be no on-page intimacy between men in ASoIaF because none of the male PoV characters are gay? First, I don't remember Cersei or Dany being anything other than straight. But they still slept with, respectively, Taena and Irri! And last I looked Jon Connington was most assuredly gay, and in love with Rhaegar! The author confirmed it himself! Do you think he can be seriously retracting it? The only LGBTQIAP+ PoV in the series?



What I get out of this random explosion of “George RR Martin hates gay people!” posts that have been going on today, is that Martin says he won’t add it for no reason, but if it comes up he won’t shy away from it. He won’t compromise the flow of his book to throw some fan service gay sex scene in there, and says that he absolutely will put it in if the narrative takes it there. There’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t see how a book that is all POV based is going to have a gay sex scene(which is a pretty silly thing to be up in arms about, considering there are arguably too many sex scenes to begin with) if they aren’t gay. I’m sure plenty of gay sex is going on in the world, but if none of the POV characters are watching it, we won’t see it. Renly and Loras worked because they were in love, and if there were POV chapters of them pre-Shadow, I’m sure we would’ve seen it. But having an established straight character randomly have a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex when it has nothing to do with the story or anything else just to appease some people crying about it on Tumblr? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

No one said GRRM hates gay people. A person’s actions can be unknowingly homophobic without outright hating marginalised lgbtq people. I clearly phrased my comments in a way that made that distinction.

You don’t have to be an explicitly hateful homophobe who wants to kill lgbtq people in order to perpetuate homophobia. It’s a damn double-standard and inherently biased when you’re okay with writing a titillating lesbian sex scene, but refuse to “go there” with actual gay characters because it’s supposedly “not relevant to the story.” Surely, that scene between Dany and Irri was absolutely necessary to the story!

Learn how to read and comprehend.

To add on to the above, when GRRM says:


“I put gay characters in the books, but they’re not the viewpoint characters so I did not have any explicit gay sex scenes in the early books,” he explained at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

“I’m not going to do it just for the sake of doing it. If the plot lends itself to that, if one of my viewpoint characters is in a situation, then I’m not going to shy away from it. But you can’t just insert things because everyone wants to see them.” Oh we see what you did there, George.

George RR Martin Reveals Why There’s No Gay Sex In “Game Of Thrones”

Hm, Jon Connington does have a POV doesn’t he? I don’t think he’s retracting Connington being gay, but I think he’s determined for Connington to remain sad and celibate.

I’m gonna try to phrase this as respectfully as possible…I’m not going to go ahead and say what I immediately thought about his comments. He might not be homophobic and might not have meant for his comments to sound homophobic, but that’s the impact of his words. When you compare scenes that he’s written where “straight” women like Dany and Cersei have sex with other women in the narrative, then the statement that “there will be no on-page intimacy between men in asoiaf because none of the men are gay” falls apart. According to the story he’s written, none of his characters have to be necessarily in love with someone to have sex with them. Connington can be sad and forever in love with Rhaegar and have sex with other people.

I can’t take him seriously when he seems to pander to his straight white male audience when convenient, yet claims that he respects women and that he tries to portray interesting characters from all walks of life. It seems like he thinks that he’s going above and beyond with the diversity in his books, when he’s doing the bare minimum. I’ve been guilty of giving him kudos for including a sprinkling of diverse characters (because I’m so starved for them), but every interview he’s given in the last few years has made me rethink my position even further. He’s not as progressive as he believes himself to be and instead of being more introspective about that fact, he just makes excuses.

I can’t help but compare this to comments from Steven Deknight regarding gay couples on Spartacus,

"One of the other things that I’m still to this day getting comments about is, and I put this in air quotes, "all the gay shit" in my show. And people asking me to tone it down, which I always say no. I mean, as far as I’m concerned it’s barely in there to start with. And it was part and parcel of this world and it’s part and parcel of our world now. So I just - yes, I ignore that. If people want to stop watching the show because two guys kiss, well, I shrug my shoulders. You know, that that will always be in there."


I’m not going to do it just for the sake of doing it. If the plot lends itself to that, if one of my viewpoint characters is in a situation, then I’m not going to shy away from it.

He’ s saying he needs to have a “reason” to have gay people in the narrative, whereas he doesn’t need to have a “reason” to have straight people. Straight is default, gay must be explained. 

Sure, he’s not a pitchfork wielding hatemonger, but this is still perpetuating homophobia and heteronormativity.


So there!
Someone here on Tumblr stole the picture of my pants and I’m super bloody angry about it.

So I’m uploading it myself now and already contacted the Tumblrsupport because I want to have the fake one deleted.

 It hurts so much that the stupid stolen one hit 50k that’s just bullshit and I wanna cry
The next time you wanna upload that shit of mine you gon’ ask me got it??

So yeah those are the nearly finished pants i painted for my Nisha-cosplay.
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